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Aroma Aeromatic Convection Oven Ast910

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?Easy to use
?It has turbo fan to circulate hot and moisture air perfectly inside
?Faster and greener. It uses 80% less electricity than conventional oven yet bakes in 1/3 less time and requires no preheating.
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Product Description The Aroma AeroMaticTM Convection Oven is part of a revolutionary new cooking trend. More and more, people are moving away from traditional bulky appliances in favor of portable, multiple-function devices like the AeroMaticTM Convection Oven. The AeroMaticTM Convection Oven bakes, steams, broils, grills, roasts and thaws frozen food. You can even cook foods that are traditionally fried. In fact, this oven cooks food faster than traditional ovens while using less energy! Its tempered-glass body allows you to watch as your food cooks to perfection. A built-in timer helps assure cooking perfection and reduces the possibility of burnt foo, Aroma Aeromatic Turbo Convection Oven - AST910DX Offer stops quickly Spend less Rapidly transport. ?Dimensions: 12.25"H x 13.25"D x 16.5"W across handles
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