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Aroma Nrc 1000 Nutriware Whole Grain Gourmet Digital 18 Cup (coo

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Perfectly prepares 4 to 18 cups of cooked rice or grains (2 to 9 cups uncooked)
Fuzzy Logic on-board microcomputer "thinks" for itself and adjusts time and temperature for the perfect pot of rice every time
All cooking surfaces are made of non-reactive 304-grade surgical stainless steel
Surgical stainless steel colander boils a perfect pot of pasta
Gain the nutritional advantages of whole grain brown rice- the specialized brown rice functions cooks it to perfection
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Product Description The revolutionary NutriWare Whole Grain Gourmet is the ideal food preparation solution for the true health-food enthusiast. In addition to cooking up to 18 cups of cooked rice or whole grains to perfection, the Whole Grain Gourmet also has the unique ability to boil pasta, potatoes and more with the addition of the stainless steel colander. The stainless steel steam tray inserts over the inner cooking pot, so vegetables and/or meat can steam while rice or grains simultaneously cook below, for a nutritious, easy-to-make meal. All food contact surfaces are made completely of polished 304-grade surgical stainless steel. And once the cooking is done, the stainless steel inner cooking pot and colander remove for quick cleanup. Includes recipes from Cooking with Grains by Coleen and Bob Simmons
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