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Accutire Ms 5510b Racing Tire Gauge

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The most accurate tire gauge available
Reads tire pressures from 0-60PSI in 01 increments
The quick disconnect insures a positive attachment
Easy to read blue back-lit display
Bleed valve to drop tire pressure to desired pressure
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Product Description This is the ultimate tire gauge for the performance enthusiast. If you like to have the best tool available, this is the gauge for you. The MS5510B is the most accurate tire gauge available. It reads tire pressure from 0 to 60PSI in .01 increments, with a large, back-lit LCD screen to make it easy to read. The convenient bleed valve makes it easy to drop the pressure if you overinflate. If you have a motorcycle, an off-road vehicle, ATV or performance car, get the most out of your expensive tires with accurate, consistent inflation.
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