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Ameda Breast Shells

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Ameda breast shells help protect nipples and prevent soreness and irritation.
They allow for air circulation while simultaneously collecting drip milk.
The Ameda Breast shell may also be used to help draw out flat or inverted nipples.
Help soothe sore nipples with large-holed backs. Help flat/inverted nipples or engorgement with small-holed backs.
Help keep nipples dry & prevent further irritation. Vented fronts provide air flow for comfort.
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Product Description

Ameda Breast Shells


Please note: Image is of breast shell system - only breast shells are included.


Ameda breast shells protect nipples and help prevent soreness and irritation.


*Simultaneously allows for air circulation and preventing drip milk from leaking onto clothing when used with cotton rolls

*May also be used to help draw out inverted nipples

*Each box of Ameda Breast Shells (17231) contains two aerated shells and two sets of backs, one pair for sore nipples and one for inverted nipples

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