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The First Years True Choice P300 Premium Digital Monitor, One Parent Unit

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Secure privacy: digitally encrypted signal for complete security
Talk back: 1 parent unit allows communication with baby (so you can instantly soothe your baby from anywhere in the house)
Crystal clear 2.45 ghz high performance digital technology
Extended range: up to 1000' of clear signal
Rechargable battery pack and sensor nightlight
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Product Description The First Years True Choice Premium Digital Monitor

The First Years True Choice Premium Digital Monitor is designed to help keep track of children. It features advanced technology for high quality transmission of babiesGCO movements and actions.

  • 2.45 GHz digital technology with 16 channels
  • Indoor and outdoor transmission range up to 1000 feet
  • Has indicators for volume control, out of range and low battery
  • Comes with a wall mount option for childGCOs unit
  • Privacy and security is provided as the signals are digital
  • Easy 3-way communication
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Comes with a head phone jack, parent unit finder and belt clip that converts to an easel
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