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Built Kindle Fire Neoprene Twist Sleeve, Summer Of Love, Indigo

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Certified "Made for Kindle" accessory (Fits Kindle Fire)
Unique corner-twist design secures you Kindle FIRE in place. Soft fuzzy inner lining is lint-free and provides soft protection for the screen
Made from super-light neoprene (the wetsuit material); machine wash and drip dry
Exterior: Indigo with pink, orange, blue and red hearts and peace signs; Interior: Light blue
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Product Description The BUILT Kindle Compatible Twist Corner Neoprene Sleeve for Kindle Fire in Summer of Love (light blue interior) is the ideal case for tween's (or hip adults). This sleeve features BUILT's unique twist corner top feature, allowing you to slide your kindle into the sleeve and then twist the corners in and over the top opening, securing your Kindle in tight. The soft inner lining protects your Kindle screen from scratches, as well as cleaning the screen from fingerprints as you pull it up out of the sleeve. The awesome girly design is spot on for todays hip tween (or their super-cool parents!). Perfect for traveling with your Kindle anywhere and everywhere. From briefcases to backpacks - your Kindle is secure! When you are using your Kindle, this BUILT sleeve lays flat for easy storage. Machine washable (air dry). Iconic design and function from BUILT. LOVE YOUR STUFF!
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