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Audio Technica Atn3400 Stylus, An Evg Product Pm2298d

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.6 Mil Diamond Stylus
Replaces the Kenwood N52, Pioneer PN220, Sony ND138G & ND147G
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Product Description You are purchasing an exact replacement for the Audio Technica ATN3400 stylus. It features a .6 mil diamond stylus. The suggested tracking force is 3.5 grams. It will replaces Audio Technica needle numbers ATN3401, ATN3410, ATN3450, ATN3451 and ATN95E used in cartridge model numbers AT3401, AT3410, AT3450, AT3451 and AT95E. It can also be used to replace: AIWA NEEDLES AN-5, AN5, AKAI NEEDLES RS-83, RS83, RS-85, RS85, RS-85, RS85, ASTATIC NEEDLES N1665, EVG NEEDLES PM2298, FISHER NEEDLES 4-1579-26690, 4157926690, ST-35D, ST35D, ST-42D, ST42D, ST-41J, ST41J, HITACHI NEEDLES DS-ST35, DSST35, DS-ST36, DSST36, ST-41, ST41, JVC NEEDLES DT-38L, DT38L, MD-1038, MD1038, DT-38L, DT-38, DT38L, DT38, KENWOOD NEEDLES N-52, N52, LYNN SONDEK K9, MARANTZ NEEDLES 1200, 2000, 3000, CT-5S, CT5S, CT-3000, CT3000, CN-5440, CN5440, MGA NEEDLES 3D-47M, 3D47M, MAG-47, MAG47, ONKYO NEEDLES DN-52ST, DN52ST, DN-52, DN52, DN-40ST, DN40ST, PANASONIC/TECHNICS NEEDLES EPS-75, EPS75, EPS-75SMAD, EPS75SMAD, EPS-75SMLD, EPS75SMLD, EPS-75STCSD, EPS75STCSD, EPS-75STSD, EPS75STSD, EPS-77SMBD, EPS77SMBD, EPS-77ST, EPS77ST, EPS-77STSD, EPS77STSD, EPS-8, EPS8, EPS-10, EPS10, PIONEER NEEDLES PN-220, PN220, RADIO SHACK NEEDLES RS1060, SANSUI NEEDLES SN-202, SV202, SN202, SANYO NEEDLES ST-35D, ST35D, ST-41J, ST41J, ST-42D, ST42D, SHARP NEEDLES STY-118, STY-130, SONY NEEDLES ND-138G, ND138G, ND-147G, ND147G, TOSHIBA NEEDLES 71M, N-60D, N60D, N-60DY, N60DY, N-70C, N70C, N-71D, N71D, N-293DY, N293DY, ZENITH NEEDLES 56-598, 56598, 56-611, 56611, 856-56, 85656, 856-203 and 856203. The color of the needle you receive may be different than the above picture depending on current production. Stock number: PM2298D Needles purchased from our company are GUARANTEED AGAINST DEFECTS FOR 60 DAYS. A Quality Stylus. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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