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Cables To Go 10ft Db25 Mm Printer Cable Greater Protection Against Emirfi Interference

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10ft DB25 M/M Printer Cable
Maximum end-to-end attenuation not to exceed 1.5 dB at 5Mhz;
Works with IEEE-1284 compliant printers, HP tape drives, Iomega devices, scanners and other IEEE-1284 compliant peripherals.
Connector Gender Male, Connector Type 25 pin D-Sub (DB-25).
Compliant Standards IEEE-1284.
ASIN: B005RCW900
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Product Description Don't be fooled by imitations. True IEEE 1284 cables, like CTG's TruSpecT cables, are built to specification with the following attributes: 62 OHMS+/- 6 unbalanced cable impedance in the 4-16 Mhz frequency band; 17 pair wire twisted with at least 36 turns per meter; 107 pF/m unbalanced capacitance at 1Mhz; Foil Shield and 85% coverage braid soldered 360 to the connector shell; Maximum end-to-end attenuation not to exceed 1.5 dB at 5Mhz. CTG's TruSpecT cables ensure you realize the added speed and two way communications offered by IEEE 1284 compliant devices. This advanced technology, which defines high-speed bi-directional communications between PC and peripheral, requires both high quality connectors and a specialized wire-type to handle the increased data rates.
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