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Cable Matters Micro Usb To Hdmi Mhl Adapter In White

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Your Price: $7.98 (80% OFF!)
This item does not come with 3ft charger cable
Support up to 1080p resolution
Support 7.1 channel surround sound
Gold Plated Connectors & sheilded jacket ensure ultimate performance
Color: white
Easy to setup, no need of setting
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Product Description

Cable Matters Micro USB to HDMI MHL adapterĀ  allows you to view videos, games, photos and other media from their mobile device directly onto a HDTV at 1080p resolution and 7.1 channel surround sound. Please make sure your phone/tablet is MHL compatible

1 Plug Micro-USB end to phone/tablet's micro USB input port
2 Hook up the adapter to HDTV using a HDMI cable (NOT included in this order)
3 Plug in charger cable to Micro USB female socket on the adapter (NOT included in this order)
4 Certain phones may require rebooting the device first time you use this adapter. If you do not see device's screen mirrored on TV, please reboot your device

* HTC Holiday/Vivid/Raider 4G/Velocity 4G
* HTC Rezound/Vigor
* HTC Sensation/Pyramid
* HTC Evo 3D/4G
* HTC Flyer
* HTC Jetstream
* HTC Amaze 4G
(Please use standard micro USB charger cable. Some HTC original charger cables are NOT standard micro USB cables and do not fit in standard USB female socket)

* LG Nitro HD
* LG Spectrum/Revolution 2
* LG Optimus LTE
* LG Prada

* Samsung Captivate Glide/Galaxy S Glide
* Samsung Galaxy S II phone all models except Samsung Galaxy S II Herculess
* Samsung Galaxy Nexus
* Samsung Infuse 4G
* Samsung Galaxy Note
* NOT compatible with Samsung Galaxy SIII. Galaxy S3 (11 pins) requires special adapter to converter to standard Micro USB port (5 pins)

* Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc X12

Note to customer
* This adapter will NOT work without a power source. Connect the micro USB charger cable to the MHL adapter to power your mobile device
* Cable Matters also has 'Micro USB to HDMI MHL cable' on Amazon (please search ASIN B006V7F380)
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