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1950's Sprinkled Pink Retro Candy Gift Box

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Your Price: $28.90
Contains over 50 total pieces of Retro Candy.
More than 2 ½ pounds of Nostalgic Candy Favorites.
Great gift idea for any occasion.
Filled with popular candies from your favorite decade.
Custom decorative gift box comes ready for gift giving.
ASIN: B0016N5294
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Product Description Custom Retro Candy Gift Box comes in a sprinkled pink & brown box adorned with a matching bow! Full of favorite nostalgic candy assortments from your favorite decade. The perfect Mother's Day present! 1950's: Black Cow Bar, Boston Baked Beans, Broadway Mini Rolls, Bullseye Caramel Cream Bar, C Howard Violet Gum, Candy Cigarettes, Charms Sweet & Sour Pops, Chuckles, Cinnamon Toothpicks, Cocnut Bar, Gold Mine Gum, Hot Tamales, Jujyfruits, Licorice Pipes, Long Boys, Mike & Ikes, Pearson's Salted Nut Roll, Slap Stix Caramel Pop, Sugar Daddy Pops, Teaberry Gum, Tootsie Pops and Wax Lips. Bulk Candies include Bazooka, Bit O Honey, Chick O Stick Nuggets, Necco Assorted Wafer Mini Rolls, Root Beer Barrels, Salt Water Taffy and Walnettos.
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