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Barbara's Hand Made Cookie Pies Gourmet Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies

IN STOCK Generally ships within 2 days
Your Price: $16.50
Perfect gift for any occasion!
Each batch of cookies is baked fresh and shipped the same day.
1 Lb, 40-44 cookies
We use only the finest ingredients, including creamery butter, sugar, unbleached flour, and gourmet semi-sweet chocolate.
Contains no added preservatives and no artificial flavorings.
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Product Description Our classic hand-crafted butter cookie is embedded with mini semi-sweet chocolate morsels for just the right sweetness. The combination of butter cookies with a light touch of chocolate scrumptiously melt-in-your-mouth. Kids of all ages really love 'em! Made only with fresh creamery butter, sugar, unbleached flour, real vanilla, whole eggs. We use no added preservatives and only kitchen-fresh ingredients in our recipes. Each Cookie Pie is made fresh, then shipped to you. For maximum freshness and quality, they can stay at room temperature for approximately 7 days. If you don't plan on eating your cookies right away, we recommend refrigeration (for up to 14 days) or freezing them (for up to 3 months). Wholesome and pure ingredients go into each one of Barbara's Cookie Pies such as unbleached and unbromated flour, pure creamery butter (not oil), pure chocolate (not 'coatings'), whole eggs, pure vanilla extract (not artificial flavors,) premium preserves, fresh nuts and so on - overall the best quality ingredients we can find. As a small business, it can be challenging to obtain these products cost effectively, but after numerous kitchen tests and tastings, we taste the difference and hope you will too.
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