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That's Amore! Healthy Italian Themed Gourmet Anniversary Gift Basket

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Product Description Our That's Amore! Healthy Italian-Themed Gourmet Anniversary Gift Basket makes the perfect gift for your favorite couple. Inspired by Italian cuisine, the basket provides the Italian meal basics: pasta, olive oil, vegetables, and nuts--and offers them in healthy, gourmet versions to create a truly delectable gift basket to celebrate a lasting love. The whole wheat pasta is a delicious heart-healthy sensation that complements the Bella Cucina pestos and the sun dried tomatoes nicely. For an irresistable, healthy meal, toss the pasta with antioxidant-rich olive oil and the crunchy garlic bits. Not only will it tempt the tastebuds, but it will boost the body's cancer-fighting power and lower the risk of heart disease. That's Amore Includes: * Italian Wedding Soup * Ariston Olive Oil * Bella Cucina Pesto * Whole Wheat Pasta * Crunchy Organic Garlic Bits * Dried Mushrooms * Bionaturae Organic Sicilian Oranges Spread * Mediterranean Organic Sun Dried Tomato & Olive Oil * Sahale Tuscan Almonds * Almondina Healthy Cookie Biscuits * Handmade Basket
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