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Organic Middle Eastern Spice Blend Seasoning Gourmet Gift Set

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Salt free, no MSG, all natural, pure spices hand blended in small batches in Minneapolis, MN.
Give the gift of pure, delicious flavor and add zest to cooking.
Authentic global tastes that celebrate and enhance fresh ingredients.
Our blends are not spicy. Add your own chilies if you like hot foods.
Over 600 blends, seasonings, mixes, meals, organic spices & gifts. Call 952-593-3000 for more info
ASIN: B006JX9O54
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Product Description From Morocco to Iran, a wide variety of spice blends create the regional flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine. These spice mixes are rubbed into meat before stewing, sauteed with vegetables, or sprinkled over fish before broiling. These seasoning lines are perfect for those seeking bigger, bolder tastes.Included in our Organic Middle Eastern Spice Gift Set: - Al Kabsa Spice Blend- Shawarma Spice Blend- Zaatar Spice Blend

*** We reserve the right to substitute any item in this gift should it be out of stock. If you have and questions or concerns feel free to contact us.***

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