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Coffee Bean Direct Earl Grey Leaf Tea, 2 Pound Bag

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High-quality loose leaf tea leaves
Contains full tea leaves- much higher quality than most tea bags
Tea leaves are packaged to ensure optimal freshness
Tea is imported fresh immediately before packaging
Naturally flavored Earl Grey tea
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Product Description This popular flavored tea blend has its roots in 1830s Great Brittan. As the legend goes, the British Prime Minister Earl Grey the 2nd had rescued the young son of a Chinese mandarin from drowning (or the son of an Indian Raja from a tiger, depending on who's telling the story). The grateful man brought him a gift of blended Indian and Ceylon teas flavored with oil of bergamot, extracted from the rind of bergamot oranges. Lord Grey enjoyed the tea so much that he gave the recipe to his tea merchants, who duplicated and distributed "Earl Grey's Tea" around the world. Our Earl Grey is true to the origins of the blend, flavored with real bergamot oil.
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