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Purina Secondnature Dog Litter, 25 Lbs

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Train your dog to use a litter pan!
Secondnature Dog Litter's absorbent paper pellets with odor control designed especially for use in housetraining your dog to use a litter pan
Includes a free second nature Training Guide in the bag
Made of recycled materials
ASIN: B00063411A
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Product Description Train your dog to use a litter pan!secondnature Dog Litter is a natural, instinctive option for dog elimination that will ensure your pup can lead a "dog's life".secondnature Litter is made from recycled newspaper (70% post consumer waste) and wood pulp formed into super-absorbent pellets. It also contains a highly-effective odor control system and is non-tracking and non-staining. You just scoop and dispose of waste as soon as it's noticed.The secondnature system, for dogs up to 35 lbs., has been proven safe and effective for more than three years at the Purina Pet Care Center and in many "real-world" applications in the homes of Purina associates.To complete your secondnature Training System, provide your dog with the secondnature Dog Litter Pan.
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