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48 Durex Condoms Variety Pack Free Lubricant Bulgeinbulk's Collection Of 6 Different Types Of Durex Condoms

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In the mood for a little variety? Choose up to six different styles of Durex, the world's best selling condom brand, and see which one suits you best.
Maximum Love, Her Sensation, Natural Feeling, Enhanced Pleasure, Extra Strength, and Rainbow are included within this variety pack!
World-renowned to be the thinnest and most sensational condoms manufactured today.
Each condoms are electro-statically tested to ensure their reliability.
Guaranteed expiration dates of between 2-5 years.
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Product Description In the mood for a little variety? This variety pack contains a variety of six different most popular Durex condoms in the world. Best-sellers from Durex include Maximum Love, Her Sensation, Rainbow and more! Each condom expires 2-5 years from date of purchase. Try them out and find a new favorite!
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