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Ana Bath Sb2423230bn Drill Free Slide Bar With Handheld Shower And Showerhead Combo Kit, Pvd Brushed Nickel Finish

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DRILL-FREE Slide Bar Shower System
3-Function 6 Inch Handheld Shower
3-Function 6 Inch Showerhead
60 Inch Stainless Steel Extensible Shower Hose
6 Inch Shower Arm with Flange
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Product Description Ana Bath DRILL-FREE Slide Bar Shower System (US Patent #: US7,197,776B2; UK Patent #: 0512059.7) gives you the easiest way to upgrade your shower system without any tool. No power drill, no screwdrivers, just your hands. With the 6 inch 3 function handheld shower and shower head, you can feel a whole new fantastic shower experience with our water saving shower technology which is another way to save your water bill. The whole package includes SB1420 (24 inch long drill-free slide bar, brass tube Ø1", ABS holder & slider, 6" brass shower arm, suction cup with 3-way diverter in one unit), HS3230 (3-functioin 6" handheld shower with saturating spray, massage spray, saturating spray & massage spray. Flow rate: 1.63 GPM (Gallon per Minute) / 6.16 LPM (Liter per Minute) @ 80psi. *Flow rate < 2.5 GPM / 9.45 LPM @ water pressure of 80 psi meets CSA Standard. *Flow rate < 2 GPM / 7.56 LPM @ water pressure of 80 psi meets WaterSense standard.), RS3230 (3-function 6" shower head with saturating spray, massage spray, saturating spray & massage spray. Flow rate: 2.18 GPM / 8.24 LPM @ 80psi), S41542 (60" stainless steel EXTENSIBLE shower hose. EXTEND 50% MORE OF THE ORIGINAL LENGTH. Double hooked, Ø0.55", anti-twist brass conical nut & brass hex nut), 6 inch shower arm with flange * PVD Brushed Nickel Finish for Whole Set (Slide bar, handheld shower, showerhead, and extensible shower hose) (The additional PVD coating process provides better corrosion resistance, more uniform deposit, brighter, harder, and smoother surface, and is more environmental protected-no harmful chemicals to deposit of.) * Lifetime Warranty * PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS SLIDE BAR SHOWER SYSTEM NEEDS AT LEAST 31 INCH LONG TO INSTAL, FROM WHERE THE SHOWER ARM CONNECTS TO THE WALL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SLIDE BAR
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