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Libbey Country Fair 16 Ounce Drinking Jar With Handle, Set Of 12

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Twelve 16-ounce; handled glass mugs with lug finish and imprinted with a handsome rooster and the words "Country Fair Drinking Jar"
5 1/4-inch tall
Dishwasher safe
Lug finish so mug can be used as storage container
Ideal for either hot or cold beverages and soups
ASIN: B000V4J560
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Product Description This 16-ounce classic and sturdy handled glass drinking jar has been used in kitchens for years. It is imprinted with a handsome rooster and with the words "Country Fair Drinking Jar". It can be used as a drinking glass, soup mug, or storage container and is perfect for everyday use. It has a lug finish so a lid can be attached. It is dishwasher safe.
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