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Forlife Bell Ceramic Teapot With Basket Infuser, 16 Ounce470ml, Teal Blue

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Lead-free High-fired Ceramic Teapot with Basket Handled Stainless Infuser
Pot-Lead-free High-fired ceramic; Basket Infuser-Stainless steel/Polypropylene; Lid-Silicone rubber and Stainless steel
Heat resistant up to 120-degreeC/248-degreeF; Condensed extra-fine holes to circulate the tea efficiently
Product must NOT be placed on direct flame or heating element
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Product Description The stylish bell-shaped ceramic teapot, complete with the Basket Infuser with handle and the "Push-on-Lid", allows you to remove the infuser at the optimal time. An enchanting dance of aroma and color will unfold before your eyes. Cleaning is hassle free with the detachable lid.
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