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Gp Percussion Complete 3 Piece Junior Drum Set

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Includes stands, cymbals, throne and drumsticks
Black Ported Tunable Drum Head
Dimensions 19" W X 19" T X 19" L
Weight: 39.0 LBS
16 x 11" Bass Drum - 6 lug
ASIN: B0044U7EC4
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Product Description

This GP Percussion 3-Piece Junior Drum Set helps your child learn to play drums. Designed on a smaller scale than the typical drum set, this set is perfect for helping young students develop the coordination necessary to play the drums. With a hi-hat, snare, tom, bass drum, cymbal and stands, this set is just like the full size version. Features fully tunable top and bottom heads, real wood shells & chrome plated metal hardware! This drum set is not a toy like many drum sets that you would find in this price range. Comes as pictured.


10 x 6" Tom Tom, With Holder - 5 lug
10 x 5" Snare With Stand - 5 lug
10" Cymbal w/ Holder
JR Hi-Hat
Bass Drum Pedal
Junior Throne
Drum Sticks
Drum Key
Metallic Red finish
Shipped Insured
Brand New!

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