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Numark Dust Cover For Turntables

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Universal design fits nearly all Numark turntables
Robust polycarbonate construction
Tone-arm counterweight cutaway permits playback with cover in place
Strategically located rubber feet minimize noise and eliminate diffraction
Slight ultraviolet tint protects vinyl from sun damage
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Product Description DUST COVER is designed specifically for Numark turntables and provides a custom-tailored fit and classy appearance with sleek lines and a slight ultraviolet tint. Far from a simple cosmetic accessory, DUST COVER is a crucial component of any serious turntablist’s arsenal of equipment, protecting both turntables and vinyl records. DUST COVER fits TTUSB, TTi, TTX, TTXUSB, TT500, TT200, TT1650, TT1625, TT1610, TT1600, and TT1550. DUST COVER has a specially designed cutaway for the tone-arm counterweight so that records can play unobstructed, edge to center, with the dustcover in place. Strategically located rubber feet ensure that DUST COVER can be placed on a working turntable, minimizing noise and functioning as a diffraction eliminator. DUST COVER was designed with the real world in mind and is constructed of shatter and scratch-resistant polycarbonate. DUST COVER is a must-have accessory for every Numark DJ
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