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Usps Style W 2812 5lb Postal Mailing Scale

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Max weigh up to 5lbs in 0.1 oz graduation
Read in lb, oz, and g (As shown in the pictures)
Tare function. Instructions for how to use tare function: 1. put the item on the scale, then get the weight 2. press Tare, it will dispaly zero
Hold function. by using the hold function, you can weigh oversized packages even on this compact scale.
Operates in 1pc 9v battery (included) and Ac adapter(not included)
3. put another item you want on the platform, the number shown up is only the weight of the second item.
Or you can place a plate there for baking purposes.(as shown in the pictures)
By Tare function, you can weigh several items at the same item and do not need to remove it,
ASIN: B004Q79GP8
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Product Description When you first turn on the scale, it will dispaly several dashes on the screen, wait until it comes to zero then you can weigh the item.

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