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Disney Learning Ages 6 9 2nd Grade

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Product Description SKILL LEARNED: Double Digit Addition and Subtraction/ Prediction/Spelling/Word Building Using Verbal and Graphic Cues/Rhyming Words/Synonyms/Deductive Reasoning/Fractions/Geometric Shapes/ Vocabulary/Critical Thinking/World Geography/Spatial and Mapping Skills/ Multiplication/Story Comprehension/ Reading Comprehension/Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives/Creativity/Telling Time Music Creativity /Music Creativity Memory/Reading/Language ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: Strategic Thinking Over 20 printable activities including brain teasers, mazes, puzzles, worksheets and more. Telling Time Learn to tell time with Buzz and Jessie. Music Composition Compose your own music on Andy's cool keyboard. Addition, Subtraction and Predicting Build a wacky maze and practice basic math skills Spelling, Rhyming Words and Vocabulary Follow the clues to complete words. Fractions and Geometric Shapes Learn about fractions with Rex in the Fractions Arcade. Multiplication and Observation Learn basic multiplication concepts with Buzz. Geography and Vocabulary Assemble Andy's globe and discover exciting facts about the world. Nouns, Verbs and Punctuation Create stories with Andy's scrapbook while building reading comprehension skills. Brain Teasers Join Andy in printable activities. Parents' Zone Learn how the activities in Buzz Lightyear 2nd Grade enhances your child's development
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