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Close Combat

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Relive World War II with archival film footage and still photos. Play as the Americans or the Germans.
Point-and-click control lets you execute commands and access information quickly and easily.
Go head-to-head with other desktop commanders in two-player mode.
You deploy your forces before the battle begins. Your leadership and strategic skills make the difference between victory and defeat
Modify the battlefield-blast holes in buildings and hedgerows, and dot the landscape with mortar craters.
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Product Description With Close Combat, you command soldiers who react realistically to the situation they're in and are dynamically affected by their ability, strength, stamina, and mental condition. Experience the heat of the battle with continuous real-time action. Great graphics, animation, and sound effects help make the battlefield come alive as you take command. You'll be commanding your troops under the same conditions faced by WW II commanders as you fight through historically accurate battle situations. Deploy realistic weapons, vehicles, and troops that come with detailed information on each.
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