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Proud Family

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Collect as much money as you can in 6 days, by completing minigames in 6 different environments
Help Suga Mama practice her moves for the Seniors Wrestling Event, Tag-Team (SWEAT) Tournament, spin jammin' jams as a DJ, boogie down at the Hip Hop Dance Contest and more
Serve it up as a waitress at Chez Wizard, master the art of making pizza and zoom along on a scooter as a delivery girl
Penny can even take a ride in a UFO!
Includes special edition poster with Tips and Cheats
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Product Description Product InformationDisney Channel’s hit television series The Proud Family is now availableas an interactive game for the Game Boy Advance. Penny Proud is featured in anall new adventure when she decides to get her parents the ultimate anniversarypresent--an expensive T.H.A.N.G. the Total Home Automated Necessity Gizmo. Withthe right resources some street smarts hard work and a little luck Penny isdetermined to take on various jobs to reach her goal and have a lot of fun alongthe way. At the end of her adventure Penny discovers the true spirit behindgiving the perfect gift.Product Features Play as Penny Proud and interact with characters from the television series Progress through six different episodes in Penny’s neighborhood Earn money and points by unlocking mini-games and pleting fun missions: Mix the perfect snack at the factory Keep patrons happy as a waitress at Chez Wizard Show off your best moves as you help Suga Mama practice her wrestling Step in as a DJ and mix the best tracks to keep the crowds entertained Help Penny master the art of making pizza and filling orders before time runs out Get your groove on--learn dance moves from Penny’s friends to win a contest Take pictures for Penny’s photo album Collect items to earn extra cash to unlock special gadgets like the "Vacuumizer" Other fun options for Penny include: Catch a cab for a fast ride to Wizard Gear and other locations Find lost dogs and walk them for extra money Zoom on a scooter to deliver pizzas Take a ride in a UFO
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