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Crosswords Plus

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Crosswords Plus offers over 1,000 professionally designed crossword puzzles at multiple skill levels to challenge any player, all controlled with the stylus and touch screen.
A thousand crosswords not enough for you? Try Wordsearch, Anagrams, and Word of the Day!
Play anywhere and anytime with fresh, new content delivered right to your Nintendo 3DS. While on the train, in the park, or relaxing at a coffee shop, you can receive and share bonus puzzles with the StreetPass? feature.
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Product Description In Crosswords PLUS you’ll find puzzles perfect for everyone regardless of age or skill level. Exercise your word power in over a thousand word puzzles. Become a crossword master and challenge your skills with Giant Crosswords! Even go beyond crosswords with other wordplay challenges like Wordsearch and Word of the Day!
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