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Dsi Protective Case With 3 Lenses Pink

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Package includes: One Zoom Lens (Tele) attachment 29.5mm - One Wide Angle Lens attachment 18.5mm - One Macro Lens attachment 16mm - One Clear Pink Plastic Case (top and bottom
Translucent color appearance
Full accessibility to touch screen and connections
Precise openings for cartridge removal, volume control and all other functions
ASIN: B002ELK490
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Product Description This see-through plastic Hard Case with 3 camera lens attachments will keep your Nintendo DSi protected while allowing you to take pictures in a whole new way. Designed for a perfect fit, this plastic case allows easy access to all functions and controls through its specific DSi molded shape. For the first time on the DSi, you will have the ability to zoom in more and take wide angle shots with these three interchangeable lenses. Simply connect the lens attachment onto the lens slot on the outer corner of the case then turn and lock the lens in place. Enjoy the liberty of taking pictures with different lenses, freely using the touch screen with your stylus and overall enjoying your DSi without ever having to remove this case.
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