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Line Of Sight: Vietnam

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It's 1968, and you're a sniper in Nha Tong -- your job is to hunt down Vietnamese soldiers and pick them off, one by one.
Thick vegetation and fully detailed environments will amaze you, even as they're providing cover - for you AND the enemy
Select one of 12 authentic military firearms as you trace enemies through the jungle
Be quick, be quiet and be patient -- these are the skills that will keep you alive in the bush
Play cooperatively in multiplayer games for even deadlier sniping action!
ASIN: B00007M5D8
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Product Description Take the role of a young soldier assigned to the 5th Special Forces compound in Nha Tong, Vietnam. Your job is to ambush the enemy, disrupt command structure and scout positions in the cover of darkness. Choose the right weapon for the job and a clear line of sight to ensure you wake up again the next morning...
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