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Fifa Soccer 12

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Realistic Gameplay - Gameplay mirrors real-world soccer with sophisticated ball control, responsive shooting and pin-point passing.
360° Dribbling - True 360° dribbling system will provide finer dribbling control, enabling players to find space between defenders that previously was not possible.
Be The Goalkeeper -Take control of the goalkeeper and command the game from the most important position on the pitch. Dive for shots, cut-off crosses and prove yourself as your team's number one.
Challenge Mode - Compete in various scenarios based Challenges to earn points that can be used to purchase items for your Pro and team in the virtual Fan Shop.
Soccer IQ - Think you know your soccer? Test your knowledge of real world soccer with our trivia mini-game.
Career Mode - Choose to begin your campaign as a player, player/manager or manager as you lead your club through 15 seasons of league play. Plus, players compete for global supremacy in international competition every 4 years. Your success as a player or manager is ranked through the FAME system. The better your performance the more FAME you receive and more prestigious offers will become available on your journey to become an international soccer legend.
Complete Authenticity - Over 30 officially licensed leagues, 500 licensed teams and more than 15,000 players.
Performance Tracker - You'll be able to follow your progress through FIFA Soccer 12 with Total Soccer tracking system, evaluating how well you?ve done in completing the various challenges and game modes. You?ll have to explore the entire game and what it has to offer in order to be considered a total soccer star.
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