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Cabela's Adventure Camp

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Eight Exciting Games, Including: Thrill Hill Biking, Wild River Kayaking, Full Throttle Wave Riding, Skeet Shooting, Castaway Fishing, Archery Arcade, Hogwhacked, Bear Hunter Ninja and loads of camp-style competitions!
Interactive Spectator Griefing - Ever want to mess with your friend or brother while they're playing? Now's your chance! Make trees or rocks fall so the player needs to react quickly. Will it be quickly enough?
Entertainment for the entire family - This pick up and play game is engaging and exciting entertainment suitable for kids of every age
There are 8 summer camp games that are engaging and fun for a single player and for multiplayer head to head and hot seat play.
Friends watching the game can use extra controllers to grief, dropping trees and items to create obstacles.
Play one game at a time or compete for the Cabela's Cup which places you in a seven day tournament where the person with the highest score wins.
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Product Description Cabela's Adventure Camp is equal parts summer camp, theme park and sensational fun. This party game for the great outdoors delivers family fun that is designed to get players up and moving. Be prepared to set up camp in the livving room and get ready for some serious adventure!
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