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Polaroid Premium Package: Polaroid Studio Series Hd Lens Wonderland Kit (21x 42x Fisheye Lens, 35x Super Telephoto Lens, 43x Wi

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POLAROID PREMIUM KIT Includes 8 Products --- All Items Are Brand New And Comes With A Full Warranty:
<#1> Polaroid Studio Series .21x HD Super Fisheye Lens With Macro Attachment <#2> Polaroid Studio Series .42x HD Fisheye Lens With Macro Attachment <#3> Polaroid Studio Series 3.5X HD Super Telephoto Lens
<#4> Polaroid Studio Series .43x HD Wide Angle Len With Macro Attachment <#5> Polaroid Studio Series 2.2X HD Telephoto Lens <#6> Polaroid Studio Series Lens Hood With Exclusive Pushbutton Mounting System - no more 'screwing around" With Old Fashioned Threaded Hoods
<#7> Polaroid Studio Series Snap Mount Lens Cap <#8> Polaroid Lens Cap Strap
All Lenses Include A Lens Pouch And Cover Caps <> All Necessary Adapter Rings & Tubes Are Provided If Neccesory
ASIN: B0073X6WZ4
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Product Description If you need more lenses than your budget allows, Polaroid conversion lenses represent a cost effective and intelligent alternative. Because our DNA is optics and lenses (as in Polarizing filters) our conversion lenses are precision engineered and multi-coated to provide flawless results regardless if you use them with your camera, camcorder or even HD-Video capable DSLR. Our Wide Angle and Fisheye converters give your lens a full panoramic perspective without any loss of detail plus their built-in macro-feature lets you "convert our convertors" to an 'up close and personal' macro lens by simply removing a lens ring. Need a long telephoto lens but don't want to deal with the expense (or the weight)? Just add one of our telephoto lenses to your lens and double, triple or quadruple your lenses focal length-or lengths (if you're using a zoom lens!)

In short, if you want the flexibility of multiple telephoto, wide and fisheye lenses without the expense or the inconvenience of having to carry them, put Polaroid conversion lenses in the picture

If you're tired of missing great photos because you were busy attaching or detaching a lens hood, Polaroid's Clip Mount Lens Hood is just what you've been waiting for. All it takes is a gentle squeeze on its twin release tabs to attach/detach the unique Clip-Mount mechanism from the barrel of your lens. If you're tired of "screwing around" with conventional lens hoods , turn your attention to Polaroid's Clip Mount Lens Hood.

If you choose our snap-on lens caps you'll find the performance and reliability to be every bit as impressive as its value

The Polaroid Lens Cap Strap is a loop that serves as a connection between the lens cap and lens barrel. Primarily usage of cap keeper will ensure that your lens cap will not be lost during picture taking and therefore is a great investment.
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