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Portable Handsfree Camcorder Head Mount Headcam Camera

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Sharp Video W/Audio - The HeadCam records full-color video with crisp and clear VGA (640 x 480) resolution at a heart pounding rate of 30 frames per second to catch all of the action. The built-in microphone picks up even the faintest sounds - adding dialogue to your footage.
Weather Resistant - Because the HeadCam was designed to capture all of your outdoor adventures - it's water and weather resistant and you actually have to try to damage it. About the only thing you can't do with the HeadCam is go scuba diving.
Expandable Memory - The HeadCam has a maximum internal memory of 64MB and is expandable up to 16GB with a MicroSD card for hours of entertainment recording.
Secure-Fit Headband - The HeadCam comes with a fully adjustable headband that easily and securely around your head or protective helmet.
Interchangeable Batteries - Rechargeable batteries don't do you much good if you have no place to recharge them. You can quickly change out 3 AAA batteries to keep on keeping on while allowing for several hours of recording.
ASIN: B0089HR9H8
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Product Description Supercharge your adventure experience by reliving it again and again when you record all of your exploits in brilliant color with audio. It doesn't matter if you are skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, climbing, skydiving or you just want to make some awesome family videos of your latest camping trip with your family - the HeadCam has you covered.
Lugging around bulky video cameras that require a Ph.D. to operate, have batteries that don't last but an hour and can't be quickly recharged, not to mention the sheer weight is no longer a problem.   Plug & Play
Quickly connect the HeadCam to your Mac or PC using the supplied USB cable to playback your adventure videos. All videos are recorded in .AVI format - compatible with Apple QuickTime and Windows Media Player.

Easy to Use
The HeadCam offers hands free operation, one touch recording, weighs less than a PowerBar and the videos can quickly be played back on your laptop or PC. Once to strap it to your head and start recording you can forget about it and get on with your adventure.

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