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Mini Gadgets Bb2airpure16gb Bush Baby2 Air Purifier Covert Cameradvr, With 16gb Internal Memory

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Your Price: $260.97
Records 1280 x 960 color video @ up to 30fps
Motion Activation
Air purifier with two speed Ionizer technology
Viewing angle: 72 degrees
Power supply: 120v
ASIN: B00683B01G
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Product Description Take a deep breath. Three even. Breathing deeply is an important part of dealing with life stress. You and your family need pure air. The skyrocketing pollen count has many of us taking a sleepy pill every morning, or you may also be onslaught with dust, smoke, pet hair, or dirt. Why not filter out that air while improving your home security with a covert camera no one would expect? It's just the thing whether you're looking to keep a baby sitter in check, or watch your belongings while you are away. It may look like your everyday air purifier, but it actually has a built in camera that no one will expect capable of high definition video. This camera doesn't interfere with the removable filters or in any way prevent the effectiveness of the two speed ionizer. This model supports 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB SD cards.
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